Consider the Oster 5838 ExpressBake Breadmaker

If you want to impress your family and guests with home-made bread, without going through a lot of trouble, Oster 5838 ExpressBake Breadmaker White, is worth considering.
Oster-5838-58-Minute-Expressbake-Breadmaker-948x1024This can make bread in less than an hour, which is a big improvement over older models that you often had to start the day before. There are other current models that claim similar baking times. Some are for about the same price, but most are more expensive. Most will allow for a two pound loaf of bread. They all usually work by automatically mixing ingredients, giving the yeast time to rise between mixing, and cooking the dough. Another common feature this one has, is a way to program it to start mixing at a certain time, so you can come home to, or wake up to, freshly made bread. This machine has eighteen settings, which will let you make a lot of different kinds of jams as well as bread. Most other bread makers, in the same price range, have sixteen or fewer settings.
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This a good product for people who are health conscience and on a budget. Too many of the foods you buy at the store, are processed, full of preservatives, empty carbohydrates, fillers, and very little nutrition. Health foods often cost more than a lot of people can regularly afford and there may not even be a health food store locally. With this maker, people can make very nutritional breads with only the ingredients they want. They can add nuts, whole wheat, various seeds, grains, and whatever else they know is good for them and yummy. Without this, those who want to be healthy, may have to go through a lot of time and trouble to get natural food that tastes great. If a person does not have a high eating standard, he or she probably would not use this enough to make it worth buying. In addition, people who do not feel like it is home-made, unless it was handmade, may see this as an insult.

This model has been reported to be noisy. If you have set it to start working in the A.M. hours to have something good in the morning, you need to have it in a place you cannot easily hear it. There have been some complaints that the included recipes were bland. However, there are many books and online sites that are full of recipes you can use with any maker. There were some buyers who did not like this, but over twice as many buyers reported loving it. Many claimed to use it daily. One person advised measuring by weight instead of volume. While this cannot please everybody, the upside is it has managed to please most users. Another pro is its’ control panel is user-friendly.

The Oster 5838 ExpressBake Breadmaker White delay bake is for up to thirteen hours, which means you can set it to start working any time between the present and thirteen hours later. It can keep the bread warm for an hour after it is finished. The pan is nonstick aluminum. It measures eleven and a half inches, by fourteen and three fourth inches, by eleven inches. The warranty is for one year. The box includes one machine and fifty recipes. It was released 10/19/2004. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, click on the link to get a good deal and start enjoying the delicious healthy benefits as soon as possible.